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What kind of Candles can I buy?

Published on October 25, 2019 at 9:39 PM

For the people who fallow me on Instagram know that I love the fall! Sitting home on a rainy and dark day with some Netflix, tea and candlelight. I just love it! In this article I will discuss the different type of candles that are available on the market.

The fact that most people choose to set the table with a paraffin candle, makes me sad. That is because a Paraffin candle is made out of residue left over from oil refining. It’s a good use of waste but it’s very bad for your health and the environment. The smoke from a paraffin candle is full with toxic chemicals some are even linked to asthma and lung cancer. Some candles even contain lead in the wick. So why would you voluntary poison your home?


Why do candle companies still use Paraffin?

A lot of candle companies continue making paraffin candles because it’s cheap, available in abundance and it has a good hot and cold scent throw. Also the candles are mostly made in countries where the labour is cheap. 

Beeswax candle

Non-vegans can choose candles made out of beeswax. My mother in law gave me beeswax to clean and to make a candle out of it. I can tell you it was really a hustle to clean the beeswax. I know there are a lot of beeswax available in the store but I was very proud to know that the beeswax are from bees from The Hague my home town. These bees are having a wonderful live in the dunes!

After cleaning the beeswax it was a bit of pain to work with it. I still can’t find the perfect wick for the beeswax candle because it burns at a higher temperature than a plant based wax. Also beeswax have its distinctive natural fragrance that I love!  Either way a beeswax candle is a good alternative for the non-vegans. I wish to experiment more with this candle wax in the future. Because the smell is really lovely to me and I think that beeswax is a terrible thing to waste. If the bees don’t use it is just waste.

Plant Based Candles

There are a lot of plant based candles on the market today. Like soy, rapeseed and coconut candles. I must admit that plant based candles have a lower hot and cold scent throw than paraffin candles but they are much healthier because they leave zero waist into the air.

 Soy candles

However, there are questions about the sustainability of the soybean on the environment. Because of the growth of the soy industry it has been associated with large scale of deforestation. My Soy wax supplier told me that the crops are replanted year after year.  At this moment we make soy candles because it's easy to work with. Check out our candles here.

Rapeseed candles

There are 100% rapeseed candles on the market. The advantage of rapeseed is that is that the crops are in Europe. That means it has to travel less to reach my house because it’s already in Europe. When I made my first batch of rapeseed candles I experienced frosting. Frosting is when white patches appear on the top of the candle after cooling. And the wax was really soft.

Coconut wax

Just like coconut wax. Coconut wax and Rapeseed wax are very soft waxes. I noticed that it’s very difficult to find a 100% Rapeseed wax and 100% Coconut wax in Europe. This is because it’s actually very difficult to make a pure candle out of Rapeseed and coconut.

I will always continue researching the different kind of waxes on the market. At this moment I just love my Soy candles. I craft my candles with love for you. Maybe in the future I will test a mix between coconut wax and Rapeseed wax. When I will change to a different kind of wax I will let you know! What kind of candle is your favourite?

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